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PV Solar module Cleaning services

Don’t waste your Solar investment.

Dirty Solar Panels are inefficient – Get yours cleaned today!


The cleaning is relatively low cost and is worth the extra saving you will make.

Tap water and chemicals leave residue on Solar Panels that accumulate dirt.

We use high tech water purification equipment.

The purified water ensures a residue-and-spot-free finish that is more resistant to dirt, delivering a longer lasting result.

We not only clean your Solar Modules; we also provide an observation report on identifying potential fire safety issues, cracks (crazing-web of small cracks), hot spots, delamination, panel mounts and frames.

We are a leading provider of Solar PV Module Cleaning Services

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Our goal is to help you save as much money on your energy bill as possible.

Our services and advise simply don’t stop after an installation.

We know that it is vital that your Solar Panels are cleaned on a regular basis to ensure optimum output of the system.

Clean Solar Panels runs 21% more efficiently than dirty Solar Panels.

All modern Solar Panels have self-cleaning technology, but this is not sufficient.

Imagine your Solar Panels are the same as your cars’ windscreen, if left long enough there will be a layer of dust, dirt, etc. despite any rainfall that may have occurred.

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Module cleaning
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